Happy Endings

Cat-up-power-pole-1Cat up Power Pole

This extremely lucky cat survived a night on top of a powerpole.
He was safely rescued by the North Taranaki SPCA
and Tenix and returned to his owners the following day.

Cat-Rescue-1Cat Rescue

It can be extremely difficult to rescue cats from Phoenix Palm Trees. The SPCA, Fire Service,  Asplundh Tree Services,
Taranaki Community Emergency Response Team,  Total Services and High Frontiers were all involved in the rescue
of a kitten from this huge Phoenix Palm.         


Wilbur was found by a member of the public, on the edge of the footpath, early one morning. The poor little mite was extremely cold, barely conscious and riddled with fleas.
It was easy to warm him up, and a staff member managed to get him drinking from a tiny bottle and teat but the biggest danger Wilbur faced was the possibility that he could die from anaemia from the flea bites.
Wilbur was washed, combed and successfully treated for fleas – some kittens have not been as lucky as sadly only a few weeks ago an older kitten was brought into us unconscious and he died en route to the vet

Caring for Wilbur has taken a lot of hard work, raising neonatal kittens is a full time job as they require bottle or syringe feeding every 2 hours and need to be stimulated to pass urine and poo!  Wilbur survived his ordeal and has now found a wonderful forever home .

If you know anyone with a pregnant cat and/ young kittens please make sure they have spoken to their vet to ensure
the mum and kittens are well protected against fleas.

And as soon as the kittens are weaned (normally 8 weeks) ensure the mother cat is booked into a vet for desexing.




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