• Adoption Info

    We try to find the best match between our homeless animals and their new owners. We operate a no "time limit" policy for all the animals we have available for adoption - we will care for them until we find the very best home for them.

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  • Education

    The North Taranaki SPCA has been dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals since 1912. Education plays a key role in cruelty prevention.
    Our goal is to give people the knowledge and resources necessary to care for animals and prevent cruelty to them. We endeavour to build empathy in children and adults, towards people and animals.

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  • Microchipping Your Pet

    Maximise your chances of being reunited with your pet during or after a disaster, or at any time…
    Get your pet microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR).

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Found Animals

Dogs and Livestock

If you find a dog without any identification, or if you find wandering livestock, you need to call your local council's animal control.

Domestic pets

If you find an animal that you think is a domestic owned pet that is lost please try as many of these suggestions below as possible.

Ask as many of your neighbours as possible if they have lost their pet

If possible take a picture of the animal to show your neighbours
Remember, an animal can sometimes wander a long way from home, so don't just ask your nearest neighbours

Go to www.petsonthenet.co.nz - this is free to use

Register the animal as found
Check the Lost pets section for any animal reported missing that resembles the animal you have found

Put up 'Found' posters in your neighbourhood - in shops, libraries, on lamp-posts etc. (don't forget some animals can wander a long way from home)

If possible include a photo of the animal on the poster
Make sure your poster clearly states 'FOUND' and that you include more than one contact phone number and details of where the animal was found

Place an advert in your local newspaper.  You can advertise free of charge in the Friday Freefound section in the Taranaki Daily News.
Phone the North Taranaki SPCA on 06-758 2053

Sick or Injured Animals

If you find any animal that appears to be sick, injured or very young you call us on 06-758 2053 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday or if an emergency contact us on 027 4465 824
For marine mammals or native birds please contact DOC (see below)

Marine Mammals and Native Birds

Contact Department of Conservation (DOC) on 759 0350.  For emergencies such as whale strandings, injured native birds phone 0800 DOC HOTline or 0800 36 24 68.


If the wild animal is not sick, injured or in danger, our advice is to leave it alone. We recommend that you monitor the animal for at least 24 hours. Remember, the parents of young and baby animals are often not very far away. Removing a wild animal from its natural habitat can often do more harm than good.


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